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MarcS June 18th 13 08:04 AM

Formula in Word Table
I have a Word 2007 table that allows a user to enter a 1 character Text Form Field in a cell. The Text Form Field has been bookmarked with the name "Question1". The word document is protected to enable only "Filling in forms" type editting. They can enter either the letters A, B, C or D as a result of a multiple choice. In another cell, I want to create a formula that will return a number based on the letter the user entered. For example; A=1, B=2, C=3 and D=4. When the user tabs out of the Text Form Field the cell containing the formula is updated automatically.

Would appreciate any help with this

nananaja003 November 24th 15 04:22 AM

I've managed to resolve by using a nested if function with.
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