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Kenneth November 13th 08 06:02 PM

Watermark weirdness...?


I was just experimenting with Word 2002's watermark function
printing to an HP Laserjet 1020.

On screen, I inserted a diagonal "DRAFT" and then printed a

It was the right size, color, and position, but appeared as
"DR F " rather then "DRAFT." (That is, dropping the "A" and
the "T."

Next, I created a new doc, and tried again using the text

In both cases, all looked fine in Print Preview.

It printed as "A A " (That is, dropping the "S" and the "P."

My next step was to try a different printer, and HP Color
Laserjet 3600N.

Again, all looked fine on screen and with Print Preview, but
when I printed "DRAFT" it appeared as "DRAFT"
^ ^ ^

where the "D", "A", and "T" were in a pale green, and the
"R" and "F" were in pale gray as they should be.

When I tried "ASAP" it printed as "ASAP"

where the "S" was pale green, and the other three letters
were in the pale gray.

What might be the cause of these odd problems?

Many thanks,

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