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enigmaes July 25th 12 08:22 PM

Formula plus text in a cell question
Complicated, but here we go.

I have a document (close to 300 pgs) that is line-numbered for quality control. I put the number 1 in the first line, and every line below that I used a formula: "=MAX(ABOVE)+1" to create the line numbers. This way, I can add lines in the middle, and the numbers can be redone in a few keystrokes.


After that, I need to reference the line numbers in other parts of the document. So, I highlight the line number, which encompasses the formula, and give it a bookmark label. Again, fine.

When I need to reference it, I type text around it, so that it looks like

Also see section 500.2, (# )

After the # sign, I insert a formula that says "=ABS(bookmark)" This works great, because if I throw more lines in the middle, the references automatically update.

so, here's the question -

What if I have TWO sections to reference that are on different line numbers?

Also see section 500.2 (#)
And see section 500.3 (#)?

IS there a way to get two different values returned?
=if(abs(bookmark1) not equal to abs(bookmark2),abs(bookmark1)" "(Bookmark2)," ")
or something.... How do I do that?


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