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Treadie January 2nd 11 01:07 AM

TOC or Index and publishing to PDF
Hi - I am attempting to create a Songbook using Word 2007. I would like to have at the beginning of my document a TOC or Index. Yes, I do know the difference between them and for the purpose of this discussion I don't care which is used TOC or Index (we can even call it a listing). I would like to have this "listing" be in alphabetical order with an automatic hyperlink to the page. I would like to publish this to a pdf and then load into my Sony Reader. I am often asked to sing in church and I have hundreds of songs. Carrying a book with 500+ typed pages is not fun. By publishing this and keeping on the reader, if asked I can find a song quickly based on the title from the alphabetical listing and then click to go directly to the page within the published document that contains that song.

When I use TOC, all works fine except they are not in alphabetical order. If insert the Index in the front, they are in order, but without hyperlink. Is there a way to do this without manually going through 500+ pages to create the hyperlinks? Also, when manually creating the hyperlink, it adds the lovely underline to each one. That isn't very eye pleasing in this case since all titles will be hyperlinked. Is there a way to remove that?

jimenoon January 30th 11 11:29 AM

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