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Calisun June 14th 17 08:34 PM

Tables spanning across pages
Here is an example of a table I am using in word document as part of a report.
I have following table headings:
"Steps", "Description", "Requirements"

Under "Steps", I have:
step 1
step 2

For each step, under "Description", I would have
* Describe This
* Describe That

And under "Requirements"
* Require This
* Require That

My question is:
If I have a long list of steps, which goes over several pages, I know how to have headers repeat over all pages.

What I need help with is: (I hope I can explain clearly)

If I have long list of items under "Description" or "Requirements" column for a single step, that step will span across pages, but name of step will be on first page where that Step starts, remaining pages of that Step, Steps column will be blank. Is it possible to have that column say "step 1 Continued" or something similar on spanned pages?

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