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Lindaonthecomputer November 23rd 18 06:55 PM

Mail Merge Hell
Hello, I'll try to describe as clearly as possible.

Using Microsoft Office 365 (word) to create 50 or so pages of labels for a mail out.

I have used this database recently in a letters merge and it worked perfectly.

Today, I am attempting labels and I had managed to make it work, unfortunately, power outage and I hadn't saved it.

I have my database on my desktop with all proper columns.
I follow all the steps in mail merge, and all the records are intact when I peruse through them with "find recipient"... I hit finish and merge and the labels load as follows.

I'm using Avery 5162.

First top left label, blank, this is where i put my cursor and insert my address block. Then every label after that in both columns top to bottom have next record.

When i finally merge, I get one label in each page top left corner and the rest of the labels are blank??? I am so baffled, I've tried everything.

Can someone please help me? I am at work tearing out my hair!


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