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WordyBirdy June 21st 17 12:41 PM

Keeping lines of lists together on the same page.

I have tried all variations of 'keep with next', 'keep lines together', etc, but nothing has worked so far.

I have a very long document (few hundred pages) which consists of text appearing in the following fashion (this is an example only; some items in the list are long and go onto a second line, which is fine). It is not a bulleted list; it is just normal text with 'Enter' pressed after each line.

A. An animal.
1. A cat.
2. A dog.
3. A rabbit.

A. A bird.
1. A pigeon.
2. A crow (some items in the list are long and go onto a second line
like this, which is fine.)
3. An eagle.

etc. etc.

Is there a way to to stop any four-line list from splitting across two pages without going through the whole document and pressing Enter at relevant points throughout the document (in Word 97 and Word 2010)? The document must maintain the solution even if the font sizes are increased, etc.

I have come across the following instructions on another website, from a user who seemed to have an almost identical issue to mine, however, have still not managed to get it to work.

1. Highlight a question and its answers, eg 1, a,b,c,d.
2. Do not highlight the paragraph break between questions.
3. Select Styles Select Text with Similar Formatting
4. "Keep with Next"


Should the above instructions work?

In Word 97, I did the following, but that didn't work:

Line and Page Breaks
Keep with next

Thank you for any help.

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