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mikeey September 1st 18 07:42 PM

Positioning diagrams in text
Hi. I'm typesetting a book which has quite a few diagrams. I'm wondering if anyone can help me to see the best way to position diagrams amidst text in such a way that there are no big gaps at the bottom of a page because a diagram got pushed onto the next page. I've found out how to put the diagram in a frame and have the text flow from the line above the diagram to the line below (though for some reason I'm struggling to get the frame to land where I want it to). But I'm hoping where a diagram won't fit immediately below the paragraph that it relates to, it is automatically moved to the top of the next page, with some of the text that originally came after the diagram moving back to fill the empty half page or so before the diagram. Can this be done on Word 2003?

Many thanks. Best wishes,


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