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Marzipanini October 13th 18 01:35 AM

centering text vertically and horizontally within word document

I am using Word 2016. I am attempting to insert a single sentence on the last page of each "section" that is comprised of an odd number of pages. (no section brakes are inserted in the document, as they complicate the document page numbering.) I need this sentence to be aligned vertically and horizontally on the page, as the only text on the page aside from the header and footer. The steps I am taking a
Highlight text
Layout Tab
Click small arrow in lower right corner of Page Setup
Page Setup Layout Tab
Section start: New page
Apply to: Selected sections

When I do this, the text on the previous page also centers vertically. Why? and how do I just center the selected text?

I have tried Apply to: Selected text. When I do this, word automatically inserts a section break after the centered text. This section break complicates the document page numbering.

Is there a way to center a single sentence, alone on a page, in the middle of a document, without centering other text in the document, and without adding section breaks? (I was able to accomplish this in previous versions of Word without this much effort.)

Thank you for your help.

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