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3d1l September 1st 19 10:08 PM

Problems printing a booklet with Word 2016
Hello there!,

Iím using Office 2016 Professional. Iím creating a booklet that is 120 pages long. I wanted to use Publisher but didnít know how to use it so I finish up creating the booklet in Word. So, I went to layout from the pages\multi-pages section I selected book fold. Word automatically set the orientation to landscape. My printer can print both side of the paper automatically so it is a 120 pages document but 4 pages per sheet of paper, 2 on both sides for a total of 30 sheets of paper. Problem is that 30 sheets doesnít fold too well. I found that 6 sheets are the ideal number of sheets to fold nicely so I want to print the document in 5 groups of 6 sheets each. Later I will bond those 5 groups together.

Ok so here come the problems:

1) For some reason the option to select what pages to print is disabled I cannot specify the number of pages but I do have the option to select the text on the pages with the mouse and then tell Word to print what is selected.

2) For the first 6 paper sheets (24 pages), all went fine but then when I printed the next 24 pages the page number didnít got printed.

3) The first page is the title the next page has to be blank and then the other one is the index so page numbering have to start counting from 1 in the third page.

4) In order to do that I had to create a section break, two actually, separating the pages that contains the title and index from the main body. Then from the third page I started the page numbering.

So, my questions are

1) Why the option to select what pages to print is disable? How do I enable it? if I create a new normal document the option is available. My suspicion is that it have to be related to the section breaks, but I need those for proper page numbering.

2) Why the page numbering didnít get printed? I suspect that it has something to do with the selection of text with the mouse.

I will appreciate your help

3d1l September 2nd 19 08:24 PM

A response was provided on another forum.

I just have to select 24 instead of All in the layout/booklet section.

weber360 September 10th 19 03:48 PM

As I understand you solved your problem, right? What do you think about law papers at for example? How could I solve a problem with printing a booklet with them? Maybe I should use another version of Microsoft Word?

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