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juntjoo December 18th 16 06:56 AM

Help me get a hold of this table and then maybe the page and the printer's printable
But first, how do you take a hold of a table to do anything with it?

If you turn on borders it shows you some borders but not enough to make out the table layout of the page. Unless you started it from scratch recently.

But suppose you a few docs you created a while back and you just need to make a couple changes to get the page, 6-1/2" envelope in my case, to make the editable view match the printer's "printable area". I recently changed my printer and now suddenly I'm breaking some printable area rule and Word doesn't explain how exactly I broke the rule just offers a couple useless possible causes then sits back and crosses it's arms then generously wishes me luck with online support.

And it lets you drag the borders just to be able to for a moment feel confident you can move forward but no. It just goes right back to where it was and isn't considerate enough to take notice of your obvious intention to move that border to some place it prohibited you from moving it to them at least say sorry ‘good luck with online support’. That's what this program needs. A little attention to the user's actions/intentions.

So you can't move a border, and you never know exactly how or why you’re breaking some printer driver printable area setting among other frustrating behaviors… But I'd really like to get along with word so maybe you guys could help me better understand it so we can have a better relationship. How do you get a grip on a table?

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