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alexenposadas September 9th 13 05:46 AM

Editing the whole Bible and accounting for all changes as footnotes + footnote index
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In Microsoft Word, I wish to change 100's of words in order to create my own Bible version.

So I decided all the unique words I'd like to change and I created an excel file containing 2 columns:
Column A. The words to be removed.
Column B. The new words to be inserted.

Here's what my work looks like:

Column A Column B

God Elohim
heaven shamayim
earth aretz
waters mayim
good tov

Besides making all the changes, I wish to put footnotes at the bottom of every page, accounting for all such changes.

For example:
The word "Elohim" now replaces the word "God".
So I would like to have it underlined like this: In the beginning Elohim created...
And then have a footnote at the bottom of the page, showing that the original word was "God".
(Note: I only want underlined the first occurrence of the word "Elohim" in each page, and I don't want the little footnote number 1 beside it).

Here's a picture of my desired "before and after" attached.


Is there any other way to do this besides Find/Replace each word?
Because the whole issue is, I want to account for all the changes as footnotes (once per page) and also as a footnote index or glossary in the back of the book.

How can I change the first occurrence of the word "God" into the new word "Elohim", then create the appropriate footnote, and then have MS Word do the same for every occurrence thereafter, as well as put that same footnote on every page (only once per page) only where it's needed?

Should I try doing all this by creating first a concordance file? And then, is there some way of creating automatic bookmarks? cross-references? footnotes? .. so I can also render my footnote index as glossary in the back of the book?

Or is it there a way with macros to make all my changes and footnotes?
And then for the glossary, is there a way to gather all the footnotes and list them alphabetically in the back of the book?

Do I want to make a concordance file? Should these be created as index entries? Or as footnotes, or as cross-references, or as bookmarks, or as citations? I'm not sure which way is best, considering I have all the changes I want to make, all in an excel file, and I'm not sure how they can be retrieved from Word, replacing all the old words with the new ones.


Wilty1969 October 19th 21 08:14 AM

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greenmann March 27th 22 10:59 AM

It looks very interesting

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