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Peter Jamieson November 25th 04 07:15 PM

Merge Data Source path
I think the only way you will be able to do this is
a. disconnect the mail merge main document from its data source before you
distribute it. This will remove the information about the data source
location, and sort/filter specifications, but will not remove fields.
b. change the Access application to use Word Automation to connect to the
data source (e.g. using OpenDataSource) and set up any necessary sort/filter
conditions - if any are needed, it is really a question of issuing the
correct SQL in the OpenDataSource call.
c. test, test, test.

Peter Jamieson

"dixie" wrote in message
Forgot to mention - I am using Office 2000 to create these mail merge
letters. On sites that use it, however, they are using combinations of
Office 2000, 2002, 2003.


"dixie" wrote in message
I have an Access application that sends letters by automation from inside
the application. It sends out a text file using the 'Transfer Text'
command that has the field mergedata (from an Access query). Each mail
merge letter has the path and filename for its particular merge data text
file set manually.

My problem is now, that the application has spread to quite a few sites
and each site sends these merge data text files to a different drive and
folder name than the one I use (they are not allowed access to their
local drive so it is sent to a network drive).. Is there a way, without
going into each mail merge letter and manually changing the location of
the merge data file, to change the path to these files easily - there are
about 80 letters, so doing it manually is a horrific job and I think I
would also need to have that path on my computer before I can link the
merge data file to the letter.

Looking for an easy solution with bated breath!


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