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Srevne December 12th 08 11:06 PM

Best strategy to develop Instructor's and Participant's Manuel in sync
I got a contract from a governmental agency to develop a new training
program. Here are few issues I have with this project:

1. The developping committee wants to review both Instructor's Manual and
Participant's Manual at the same time. Because many paragraph, tables, etc.
in the Participant's Manual are identical to the ones in the Instructor's
Manual, it seems rational to link these paragraph from that later document
to the first one. Any change in the source document (and the committee asks
lot of changes!) will be reflected in the linked document. This strategy
has however some shortcomes:

a) Paths in link fields are absolute. They really need to be relative.
However, hand-editing to change to relative link break the link.
b) Some of the link text contains links themselves (usually to a bookmark
within the original document).

2. Both manuals require Powerpoint slides to be displayed and linked. I got
more than 100 of them. If I link the slides (usually in EMF format),
document are easily bloated 100Meg, to a point Word crashes every 15
minutes. If I rather link to external images (*.EMF, created by using
"Saving Under.." in Powerpoint), the document size is okay, but any change
in the order of Powerpoint slides will mess up afterward (Powerpoint
creates external files by numering them in same order that exists within
the Powerpoint). What should I do

It seems I reach the limits of Word in both case.

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