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Default Import bibliography in source manager XML format

There are a couple of free utitlities that you can use:

Converts between the most common bibliographic formats. The downside is that
it uses an intermediate format (MODS) to do the conversion. Hence, there is
dual data loss, once from converting the original to MODS and once more from
converting MODS to the open xml bibliographic format.

An AWK script (so you probably will need cygwin installed) to convert
directly from BibTeX to open xml.

Based on BibTex2Word2007 but with less functionality. It is a C# program and
therefore probably won't need any fancy installing. It converts BibTeX
entries to open xml.

4)Reference Manager:
This is an add-on for Word 2007. I haven't had time to use it myself, but
from its description it seems the most capable one. The importing directly
from a website might be malfunctioning though as it looks like he is
currently doing 'extensive' data mining of the page rather than taking a
direct link to the citation. So a change in the page structure might make
the retrieval fail. There also seems to be no way to import multiple
citations at once or preview the conversion result.


"Nima" wrote in message
Dear all
I was wondering is somebody could help me about importing bibliography to
word 2007. Let me explain the problem: I’ve used Web of Knowledge and also
Scopus for my dissertation. All these web sites have an option for
the bibliography for other software such as EndNote. However, the only
supported format to be imported to source manager of word 2007 is XML and
unfortunately this format is not supported on most e-journal websites. Any
advice or suggestion?
P.S: even Scopus has an option to export bibliography as a document of MS
word, even that doesn’t work as well.