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Default Help! Can't open or rename doc with long file name

Have you tried renaming in Windows Explorer rather than Word? Other than
that, I don't have any ideas, sorry.

"Kimberly1999" wrote:

Thanks for the idea but no joy. F2 was unresponsive on this file. When I
try the Insert file method, I get a message that the full path of the file is
too long and that I need to use the Map Network Drive command to connect to
the server to shorten the path (I'm not on a network). Any other ideas?

"LS" wrote:

You could try one of two things:

Click on file name and press F2 to see if it will allow name change or, if
this doesn't work, bring up blank page, insert the file, and rename with
shorter name.

"Kimberly1999" wrote:

I apparently renamed a Word 2003 document with a file name that is too long.
Now I cannot open or rename this document. When I right click on the
document, I get an abbreviated menu that does not include rename. When try
to open the document, nothing happens. Any way to correct this and get my
document back? Thanks.