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Jay Freedman
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Default Spell Check a protected Form with a Macro & already have forms picture macro

To clarify one thing: The macro for the spell check can be pasted into the
same module that contains the macros for picture insertion, but it's a
separate macro -- it doesn't go inside any of the other macros. In other
words, put the cursor at the end of the code window, after the last End Sub
statement, press Enter to make a new line, and paste in the spell check

Alternatively, you can create a new blank module (using the Insert Module
menu command) and put the spell check macro there. As long as it's part of
the same template, it doesn't matter which module it's in.

Jay Freedman
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Graham Mayor wrote:
The code required to spell check a protected form is at
Attach it to a toolbar button or run on exit from the last form field

I have used the form picture zip file (macro) from Jay Freedman to
insert a picture into a protected form in Word. I now need to add a
macro to spell check the document since you cannot spell check a
protected form. I tried to copy a macro off the Internet at the
beginning of Jay Freedman's macro as well as at the end but my
document still does not allow me to spell check it. I need to know
what to insert and where when using Jay Freedman's macro as I do not
know VBA at all.

Any help would be appreciated, especiallly if Jay is out there
reviewing this post.

Thank you.