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Suzanne S. Barnhill
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It doesn't make any sense *not* to cross-post, since obviously the original
post was not sent from a regular reader of this NG; if I post it only to
word.docmanagement, the OP will not see it. My point is that if this thread
is to be cross-posted to *any* Word NG, it would make more sense to
cross-post to a word.vba NG instead of word.docmanagement.

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"Harald Staff" wrote in message
"Suzanne S. Barnhill" skrev i melding
If you think this might be of interest to Word developers, then post in

word.vba NG. Despite the name, the .docmanagement NG has been designated

MS for "General Questions" and consequently is now the most heavily
trafficked Word NG, primarily devoted to questions from users who

know VBA from a hole in the ground.

Ahem... you're crossposting your protests to a couple of Excel groups,
Suzanne, where the original question is highly relevant and Word newsgroup
etiquette the exact opposite.

Best wishes Harald