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Default Border settings for A4

Some applications are less strict in their addressing of the printer driver
and can address the printer directly. Word is not one of these. FWIW I have
an Epson printer here and it gives me .3cm all round? An HP laser printer
gives top .42cm bottom .43cm left and right .6cm (All with A4 paper size).


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Stephen Glynn wrote:
Graham Mayor wrote:
Word gets the margin limits from the printer driver.

I'm sorry, but it doesn't appear to, at least on my machine.

As an experiment, I've just downloaded and installed the latest driver
for my printer from the manufacturer's website (it's an Epson C44) and
then tried setting all the margins on a blank document to zero and
seeing what both Word and Open Office's Writer suggest.

Epson say that the minimum margins are 3.00 mm on all edges except the
bottom, which is 12.50 mm. Writer gives me 3.00 mm on all edges
except the bottom, where it proposes 13.10 mm, which is pretty close.
Word says 5.90 mm top and left, 61mm at the bottom and 62mm on the
right. It's not a big deal, since I'd never normally need margins
that small, but I'm just puzzled by how Word's calculating them.