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Suzanne S. Barnhill
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In addition, you *can* clear all the other check boxes in the AutoFormat
dialog and then run AutoFormat. I find this approach also works well. I keep
AutoFormat set up a little differently from AutoFormat As You Type just for
this purpose.

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"Margaret Aldis" wrote in
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If you turn the option on the AutoFormat As You Type options, you can

do a replace of " by " (same double quote character) and the smart

will be applied.

(I use this method with some additional style conditions to create smart
quotes in text and straight quotes in computer code examples.)

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"Josh" wrote in message
How can I replace my straight quote marks ('') with smart
quote marks? (") This option is available in Word 2002
Auto Format, but cannot be selected alone. When I
attempted to do that, everything in my thesis changed:
lines, paragraphs, etc.

I there a way I can fix the quote marks in
EditFindReplace with as I do for misspelled words? (I
tried but the smart quotes are not an option.

Or, is there a way to configure AutoFormat to select ONLY
the quote marks and leave everything else alone? If
anyone has an answer, I would appreciate it in simple
terms, since this is my first time dealing with these
issues. Thanks for listening to this question.