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Default Remove Page border for Particular Page

On Monday, December 28, 2009 at 4:03:42 PM UTC+2, Suzanne S. Barnhill wrote:
You will need to make that page a separate section (by means of Next Page
section breaks before and after) and remove the page border for that

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"maheshmaxi" wrote in message


I am preparing a manual with MS Word 2003. I have set border for my
entire document and I want to remove page border only for 4th page as I
am inserting a flow chart. Could anyone guide me on this please?



hello, i want to ask if there's a seperate way, because in that way, it would mess you the page numbers that i have... i mean whats wrong with putting an option to this page only ?! duh microsoft 🤦*♂️🤦*♂️🤦*♂️