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Default Convert Currency (USD) from Numbers to Text

I assume you're using fields from the Forms toolbar and protecting the
document for forms.

The field for entering the number should be a text form field. In that
field's Properties dialog, give it a bookmark name, and check the box
for "Calculate on exit".

In the location where you want the words, insert a REF field from the
Insert Fields dialog. The REF field should point to the bookmark
name you gave to the text form field, and it should include a
\*DollarText switch. To do this, you'll have to click the Field Code
button in the dialog and make the code look like

REF Amount \*DollarText

In this code, the word "Amount" is the bookmark name of the text form
field. You can also add either a \*Caps switch or a \*FirstCap switch
to control the capitalization -- see the Help topic "Format (\*) field
switch" for explanations.

This will provide the spelled-out number (in your example, the "Four
and 95/100" part); you'll have to type the word "dollars" after the
REF field as plain text.

Jay Freedman
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On Mon, 25 Sep 2006 22:39:37 -0400, "Pat Falango"

I know there is a macro that does this that works in Excel. Will the same
code work in Word? Where can I find that macro?
My goal is to enter the currency amount in number format in a field in a
Word document and have it appear in text format in a second field, e.g.
$4.95 Four and 95/100 dollars.
Or would I use text boxes or table cells? Or can't this be done?