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Default How do I insert a hard tab?

That works if I just want to set an indent, but I want to set a hard tab
that goes away when I do a return to start a new paragraph. It looks like
I'll just have to do a few more keystokes while I'm formatting my documents...
Thank you for your quick response.

"Rae Drysdale" wrote:

If you are wanting to inset text, there are various ways to do this. One is
to use the Format | Paragraph menu and select the amount of the inset. There
are also buttons on the ruler to indent and decrease indent. If you want a
keyboard method, hold down the Ctrl key and strike the M key (you can do this
more than once for larger indents). Does this help?
Rae Drysdale

"Perfect to Word" wrote:

I used to be a Word Perfect user....The function key I used then for a hard
tab was Alt-f7. All the text following this hard tab would automatically
indent to the same tab setting until I hard returned. I need a place to ask
these simple questions that really irritate you when you are trying to learn
a new program...