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Default How do I insert a hard tab?

Hi there,

Not sure which version of WordPerfect you used, but in WP 12 Alt + F7 gives
you flush right. If, instead, you are referring to Ctrl + F7, that gives you
a hard tab which is MS Word speak is a hanging indent.

You can either click on Format (or highlight the paragraph and right-click
and select paragraph) and paragraph and under indentation, where it says
Special select Hanging. You can select the size of the indentation there.

I think there is a "quick key" you can use as well which is Ctrl + T. I
hope this has been helpful to you.
You can also just move the ruler on your toolbar (the triangle) to the place
where you want your hanging indent to begin.
Carol A. Bratt, MCP

"Perfect to Word" wrote:

I used to be a Word Perfect user....The function key I used then for a hard
tab was Alt-f7. All the text following this hard tab would automatically
indent to the same tab setting until I hard returned. I need a place to ask
these simple questions that really irritate you when you are trying to learn
a new program...