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Stefan Blom
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Default Paragraph numbering

You need a Seq field for this. Press Ctrl+F9 to insert the field
delimiters { }. Within these, type SEQ SequenceNameHere \# "[0000]"
and press F9 to update the field (in other words, you now have this:
{ SEQ SequenceNameHere \# "[0000]"} ). Note that "SequenceNameHere"
should be replaced with something that makes sense to you.

To insert more fields (more numbers), you can repeat the procedure
above, but it'll be quicker to use copy and paste. For even easier
insertion, select an occurrence of the field and create an AutoText

Note that Seq fields do not update automatically, which will be
especially apparent if you use copy and paste do duplicate them. To
update the fields, either switch to Print Preview or select the entire
document and press F9.

Stefan Blom
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"Olle" wrote in message
In patents, each paragraph is often numbered in the style:

[0001] This is the first paraggraph of the text.

[0002] Here comes the second.

Can you do this without normal "Bullets and Numbering"? Is there a

function in Word as for line numbering ?
Olle , O3C Patent Transaltions