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Default Starting page numbering 21 at page 21 but no numbering preceding p

If you have read, then
I suspect you need to read it again. Big Idea #3 and Big Idea #5 are the
ones you particularly need. You must insert a section break between pages 20
and 21, unlink the header or footer (wherever your page number appears) in
Section 2 from the one in Section 1, and insert the PAGE field in Section 2
only (or remove it from Section 1 if you've already inserted it). By
default, Word will continue the page numbering in Section 2 from Section 1,
so it will start at page 21 as desired.

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"xppuser" wrote in message
Dear all,

OS: Window XP Professional SP3, Office 2003 Professional SP3,

I have created a document - 313 pages all together, divided into 177
sections. The last thing I am about to do (trying to do - at present,
unsuccessfully) is to insert page numbering. The requirement is to start
numbering at page 21 (for my purpose), the preceding 20 pages (which
Title, Acknowledgement, TOC, List of Figures etc) - the numbers are not
supposed to show i.e. the first numbering number to show would then be
number 21 containing the text proper, followed by 22 and so on.

I have read,, and but
success in accomplishing what I need to do.

I would therefore appreciate it and be grateful for any advice to achieve
what I wanted to do i.e. start numbering at page 21 with page number 21
where the preceding 20 pages do not have the page number appearing.

Please do let me know if my description was unclear.

Thank you,