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Default Word stationery issue

The "Different First Page" check box is on the Header & Footer Tools |
Design tab (and also on the Layout tab of Page Setup as in previous

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"John" wrote in message
Hi Terry

Thanks. How can I "set Section 2 to use a Different First Page" in Word

Many thanks again.


"Terry Farrell" wrote in message
You need to insert the images as Watermarks and to use the Section
properties. If you Insert a Section Break, Next Page at the end of Page
1, then set Section 2 to use a Different First Page, you will then have
three Headers - Header Section 1, First Page Header Section 2, and
Header Section 2.

You can then go into each header and Insert a Watermark using the
appropriate graphic. But note that to keep the document size down, use a
jpeg at a reasonable resolution edited to the correct size before you
insert it.

Terry Farrell - MSWord MVP

"John" wrote in message

I have three images which I need to use as background images in word
documents such that page1 & 2 of document get the first and second image
and page 3 and onwards get the third image. How can I achieve this?