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Default Space between footnote and text and footnote and footer FIXED!

Thanks to averyone!

it was a stupid and boring thing, but finally fixed.

Select the style of footnote and reduce the space before and after (i
set them to zero)

select view, normal view, view footer, select the footer text and
reduce the spece before

select normal view, view footnote, view separator, view footnote
continuation separator view continuation notice, change the font size
to 8 and space before and after to zero.

now the text is well vertically distributed.

in other word, if you have footnote, you have to add
the space after the body text
the space before the separator
the space after the separator
the space before footnote
the space after the footnote
the space before the footer text....

6 pt + 6 + 12 +6 +6.... finally it is a lot of space... and look very
remember to change not only the separator, but continuation separator
and notice too.