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Default Suddenly Typing in Red Underline!!!!

On Wednesday, 20 May 2009 12:49:01 UTC+1, obillo wrote:
Typing in a new Word doc, all of a sudden my typing turns to red
underline--and won't allow me to change back to normal. I know I accidentally
brushed some key or other w/fingers of my right hand (I'm a v. bad 2-finger
typist) just before that happened.
Also--there are red dotted lines in my doc showing what I deleted, notes of
formatting. There's a box marked 'final showing markup' visible up in the
tool bar--I'm pretty sure it wasn't there before. Obviously I've accidentally
activated some feature or other. How do I ghet back to normal? (Normal to me
means just plain letters on the screen in the size and color of my
choice--and nothing else.)