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Default Macro for converting strike/underline to tracked changes

Hello everyone

I have a nice macro that I got somewhere that converts tracked changes into actual formatting (strike-through and underline). I also have one that converts tracked changes into normal text and puts square brackets around inserted text and curly brackets around deleted text. (These macros are based on code from and

What I would very much like to have, though, is a macro that does the opposite. In other words, if an author used e.g. strike-through for deleted text and underline for inserted text, how can I convert the file so that strike-through text actually shows up as a tracked deletion, and the underlined text shows up as a tracked insertion? Or if he used square and curly brackets to surround inserted and deleted text, how can I convert it to actual tracked insertions and deletions?

In my files, text is never both underlined and strike-through, and I don't need to track multiple editors in a single document.

Do you know of a macro that does that? When I google for it, all I get are macros that convert tracks to something else (not the other way around).

I'm using Word 2003 and Word 2016 on Windows 7, by the way.


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