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Default Why use Continuous Section Breaks always instead of Next Page?

I once worked in Word Processing Centers and their template used only
Continuous Section Breaks after their Section 1 section - NEVER Next Page
section breaks. I never asked why, and now I need to set up a template for
someone. I set it up with a "Section 1" (before which is Front Cover, TOC
etc.) and then continuous, same as previous section breaks (with different
first page for Section Headers) following on from this for each regular
section. The page title style on each page has a "page break before" it.
Everything works hunky-dory, but the person asked me why they shouldn't use
Next Page section breaks. I told them it was for copying and pasting between
their (often huge) reports - to preserve the page numbering and headers and
footers etc. I also think that Next Page breaks include the phantom space at
the top of the page that you get with hard page breaks. However, truthfully,
I'm not sure. What's the answer - why did I get taught originally to do it
this way? Are there any advantages to doing it the way I did it? Is this an
"old" way of thinking - were there corruption issues with it that newer
versions of Office have now cleared up? We are using Office 2003.