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Default Header / Footer weirdness

I am reformatting my novel and am experiencing strange Header / Footer problems. Section 1 contains front-matter pages (Title page, copyright page, dedication page and TOC page.) This section is no different first page and no odd/even pages. The footers for this section are blank with no page numbers and set the same as the Headers.

Section 2 starts the actual story. This section (both header and footer) is delinked from section 1.

With this scenario I can get all page numbers to act as I wish at first. From this point (section 2), the headers will have author name on odd pages and title on even. To accomplish this I obviously must activate odd/even pages. However, the moment I do this, page numbers and header info crop up in section 1.

Everything is delinked correctly (headers and footers) so I am at a lose to understand this behavior. I can subsequently disable odd/even in section 1 and eliminate the page numbers, but that results in odd/even disappearing in section 2.

What is happening? Thank you.

PS. First time poster.