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Default Word doc 'moves' text when turning into a PDF

On Friday, February 6, 2004 at 3:28:49 PM UTC-6, Dayo Mitchell wrote:
"Jay" wrote:
C Tai wrote:

I have a doc with lots of images and text divided into 2
columns and want to convert it into a PDF, but every time
I do so, the text on some pages will shift to the next
column or next pages by a sentence or two, ruining the doc.

The following might help.

In Word, use
File Print
And choose Acrobat as the printer.

But don't print yet.

First "Close" the Print dialog box.

If my hunch is correct, the page breaks will now be the way Acrobat will
print them. So now adjust things the way you like and print.

(I have Word 97.)

In addition to that, use Print Preview to check where the breaks are, that's
the most accurate as the actual determination of pages in Word is only made
when the doc is sent to a specific printer or sent to PDF.
See here for a bit more info: