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Default HELP! Un-editable Carriage Returns in Footnotes

On Friday, November 30, 2012 at 3:34:02 PM UTC-8, Peter T. Daniels wrote:
They're not "in" the footnotes; they're "in" the footnote separator.

The way to access that -- and change its formatting, in case you don't
like the line length or its indent or whatever -- is to switch to
Draft View, then go to Show Footnotes (I don't remember how to do that
in earlier Word, but if you have a Ribbon, it's at the lower right of
the Footnotes group of the References tab).

You then get a window at the bottom of the document window with a bar
above it, and in that bar is a dropdown from which you access the
Separator. Choose that, and (since you have your Non-Printing
Characters turned on) you'll see some stray paragraphs down there.
Just delete them.

Go back to Print View, and all is copasetic!
On Nov 30, 2:53 pm, Maura wrote:
I have carriage returns in all my footnotes, after the footnote
separator bar (2 carriage returns) and before the footnotes. All
footnotes are like this as if the formatting is corrupted. I can delete
them all and put them all back in with the same format. I can change
everything except I cannot select or backup over, or anyway delete those
pesky horrific carriage returns. Help! I have to deliver this document
in 2 hours!


Peter, you are amazing, thank you!