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Default How do I add brackets to multiple words in a WORD document?

No luck. After performing the recommended find & replace, nothing happens. If
you don't mind Jezebel, please continue assisting me with this issue - I
really appreciate it. If at all possible, could you do a simple test on your
end to see if your recommended find & replace is working for you? If it does
indeed insert brackets around each paragraph, then please post the exact text
you typed for the test. Also, if you could explain what the characters mean
in your recommended find & replace, maybe I can figure out what I'm doing
wrong. Thanks again.

"Jezebel" wrote:

Specificity helps. Those are paragraphs you're bracketing, not words. Clear
the 'Use wildcards' checkbox, then --

Find: ^p
Replace: ]^p[

Then manually insert the [ in front of the very first paragraph.

"Big John" wrote in message
Thanks Jezebel, but I guess I need to be more specific. Let's say I have a
list like this (the specific words don't matter):

test one
test one two
test one two three
test one two three four
test one two three four five

and I want the list to look like this:

[test one]
[test one two]
[test one two three]
[test one two three four]
[test one two three four five]

How do I do this? Keep in mind that I have a list of over 300 phrases
ranging from 1 to 5 words in length. Your help is greatly appreciated.

"Jezebel" wrote:

With 'Use wildcards' checked --

Find: (*)
Replace: (\1)

"Big John" Big wrote in message
How do I add brackets to multiple words in a WORD document? For
if I
have 300 words in a WORD 2000 document & I want to enclose all of them
brackets, how do I do this?