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Suzanne S. Barnhill
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Default Starting page numbering 21 at page 21 but no numbering precedi

While everything you say is true, I disagree when it comes to section breaks
between chapters. Even though I use StyleRef fields extensively, I still use
a Next Page (or more often Odd Page) section break between chapters because
I want to take advantage of "Different first page" to have no header on the
first page of a chapter, as well as running heads (using "Different odd and
even") throughout the rest of the chapter. If that's Jes's reason for the
section breaks, then I support him in that use.

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"Terry Farrell" wrote in message

Adding all those unnecessary sections only complicates the structure of
Word. My advice is to avoid section and page breaks where ever possible by
simply adding the ParaPageBreakBefore attribute to the line you want to
start on a new page. For example, it is common to start Heading Level 1s
on a new page, so adding PageBreakBefore to the H1 style achieves what is
needed without resort to any manual breaks. This will vastly reduce the
underlying complexity of the document and long documents will be faster to
load, display and save as well as make the document more robust and
resistant to corruption.


"xppuser" wrote in message
Suzanne, Terry,

Thank you for your input. I am going to read it again.

Terry: Instead of page break between each chapter, I have used section
(next page), I guessed out of habit. I recalled somewhere that section
is more versatile than page break e.g. I can do what I want in a section
it will not affect the section before and after (FWIW). I have been doing
this for years i.e. using section break next page instead of page break.

Suzanne: Deducing from the big idea (which I did try - but still showed
...17, 18, 19, 20) and Terry's comment, I am going to change all my
break next page before page 21 to page break, apply a section break next
at page 20 and then I will report back. I also tried { PAGE } with same
result - likely to my not understanding (at deeper level) Word 2003