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Default Excel Worksheet Object resizes in Word when I edit/open it

Size matters;2521296 Wrote:
Thank you for your reply, while it has provided a differrent and
cleaner way
to inser the excel worksheet I am still getting the problem with it
in word. When I now double click the worksheet in Word it opens in
Excel. If
I edit and save it and then update the worksheet in Word it stretches
in size
and goes off the page.

Any ideas?

"Henk57" wrote:

It depends how you insert the Excel sheet. As you describe I think
embed it, as you call Excel from within Word.
My approach would be to link the Excel sheet to Word dynamically. In
Word 2003, select the table (cell range) you want to copy to Word in
Excel, Copy, and go to Word. Then Edit/Paste Special and tick Paste
link, and select under As: Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet Object.
Resize as needed.
Make any changes in the Excel sheet and these are automatically
reflected in the Word table (You might have to right-click the Word
table and choose Update link). There is a price to pay, though: the
Word file will be significantly increase in size so if you do this
many tables it might become impractable.

Size matters;2515701 Wrote: -
I have pasted an Excel Worksheet Object into my Word document. I need
the Excel functions (filtering) on this object so it must be
within the Word doc or in separate Excel doc).
It works correctly however it resizes (expands) itself within Word

edited or opened. Sometimes it returns to the correct size after a

seconds but other times it does not and I can only fix it by using

Do you know why it does this or what I can do to stop it from


Make sure you have the aspect ratio locked. You can do this in Format
Object (check both "lock aspect ratio" in the Size tab, and "Relative
to original picture size").
If you have dynamically linked, it's not necessary to call Excel from
within Word, but open the source (xls) file. Then make the changes,
and the Word document shd reflect them without changing the size of the