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Default Excel Worksheet Object resizes in Word when I edit/open it

On Wednesday, December 5, 2007 at 9:14:00 PM UTC-8, Size matters wrote:
I have pasted an Excel Worksheet Object into my Word document. I need to use
the Excel functions (filtering) on this object so it must be editable (either
within the Word doc or in separate Excel doc).
It works correctly however it resizes (expands) itself within Word when
edited or opened. Sometimes it returns to the correct size after a few
seconds but other times it does not and I can only fix it by using undo.

Do you know why it does this or what I can do to stop it from expanding?

Holy Resurrection Batman! I found the 100% verifiable way to fix this from happening. The issue is from using the excel spreadsheet object as a floating object. It NEEDS to be set as an in-line with text object by Right clicking Format Object Layout Wrapping Style In line with text.

If you have issues with it jumping around pages, set the invisible lines to have a font size of 1pt and keep dragging it around until you get it "in-line" with the "text". Just keep in mind that the spreadsheet is now "technically" a text object so hitting backspace will delete it while typing.