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Originally Posted by BW View Post
While working on a word document, the program froze and I was unable to save
the work before I closed the program. In the past, long forgotten lost work
suddenly appeared with another opened docuement as a "reovered file." How do
I intentionally recover an interrupted work?
For Microsoft Word 2016:
Follow these steps to recover MS Word data:
1. Launch MS Word
2. On Taskbar Click File menu and point to Info in the navigation pane.
3. Click on Manage Document.
4. Click the option “Recover Unsaved Documents”.

For Microsoft Word 2013:
1. Launch MS Word
2. On Taskbar, click the File menu
3. Click on Open
4. Click on Recent Documents.
5. Now scroll to the end of all recent documents,
6. Then click Recover Unsaved Documents.

After all these manual methods, if still problem persist. Then try alternative solution through this you can easily recover MS Word data.