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Default How do I post a question about the Forum itself?

Is there a meta-discussion group about the discussion groups themselves? I
am specifically having the following problems:

Search does not seem to work for me. I am trying to find posts that I have
made, and Search doesn't find my display-name. I tried some other common
display-names and the results are spotty, usually returning some very old
articles. (If not by using Search, how else might I find all my own posts?)

Email notification does not seem to work for me. I have a verified email
address in my profile and have posted questions, but even though I have
clicked on "notify me of replies" I never get any emails. (Not that anyone
ever needs to complain about not getting enough emails....)

I'm delighted to have this public resource, but it would be nice if it
worked as advertised. Am I the only one with problems?