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Microsoft Works 9

"HAD IT UP TO HERE" HAD IT UP TO wrote in message
MS Word is a Rube Goldberg machine.

I write business documents. I don't write pretty party invitations or have
pastel backgrounds in my docs. I can program in 2 languages plus VBA, and
I'm a tax lawyer. Complex I know.

Nevertheless, I spend half of my time in Word mucking with formatting
instead of drafting. My employees are less skilled, and even after
impelmenting the work arounds posted here; they waste more time formatting
than in doing other document processing tasks.

Word is costing me big bucks in lost productivity.

And it's not just me. No one that I know is happy with Word.
Does anyone know of another product that does numbering, doesn't try to make
me design "pretty"; and lets "not so technical" employees get my work done?