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Default Windows 7: making Word 2007 default program for .doc files

When you install Office, it should make Word the default for doc/docx. Try
reregistering Word: from the run command (Winkey+R), type in

winword /r

and press enter. If that doesn't work, it suggests that something is
inhibiting changes to the registry.

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"steph" wrote in message
Hey guys,
Whenever I try to open .doc files, it uses "WordPad" (the word processing
program that came with Windows7) to open the files & sometimes it's
unreadable with weird symbols. I used to just right click on the file &
"open with.." & choose the "Windows Office Word Viewer 2003" for files
don't look right (weird symbols) in WordPad...

I just bought & installed Office2007 on my computer which is using Windows
7. Now that I have Word 2007, I want to make it the default program for
files so I don't have to manually choose "open with" every time.

I tried doing the Control Panel Programs Default Programs Set

I'm pretty sure this is where I need to do the changing. However when I
changing the program for .doc files (which is associated with WordPad like
said), I don't see Word 2007 as an option. When I go to browse, I can't
the Word 2007 program. I found a winword.exe in the Office 2007 folder,
it doesn't work properly when I tried opening a document. Any help would