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Originally Posted by kgreen20 View Post
I'm a new member, and I'm having a problem with my ellipses which I'm seeking a solution to; I have come here in the hope that someone will be able to suggest to me a solution. I have posted about my problem twice on this forum--first in an existing thread in "Microsoft Word Help" on January 11th, and then I opened my own thread regarding the issue in "New Users" on January 14th and posted again on, on the 16th.

The problem is, not a single existing member has responded to me on either thread! Today is the 19th, and it's been 8 days since I first posted here and 3 days since I last posted. It's as if I don't even exist. I need a solution to this issue if there's one to be had, but if no one is going to respond to my posts, I shall have to seek the solution elsewhere. Trouble is, I do not know where else to go.
Will anyone respond to me at all, even here, or are all new members regarded as invisible on this bulletin board? How should I post so as to attract the attention of the other members? Will this thread be ignored, too?

Kathy G.
In Word 2007, how can I partially lock a document? Tried Controls--Group but was told no Rich text and not sure what that means. Please help.