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Default Ctrl-PgDn Problem after Ctrl-F (Search)

After performing a Search in Microsoft Office Word 2007 by
pressing Ctrl-F (Find and Replace, Find Next), pressing
Ctrl-PgDn which should advance the cursor to the beginning of
the next page instead brings up an Information Box with either
this message: "Word has finished searching the document. The
search item was not found." or this message: "Word has
reached the end of the document. Do you want to continue
searching at the beginning?" The only way to resolve this
problem seems to be to exit Word and then re-enter it. In other words, once Ctrl-F is pressed, Ctrl-PgDn no longer advances the cursor to the top of the next page the way it usually does (and always did before Ctrl-F was pressed). This has been driving me crazy for a long time - any suggestions?