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Default Open Packaging Format creator/manager for OS X

I'm looking for an Open Packaging Format creator/manager for OS X.

Specfically, I'm trying to generate dynamic .docx files, which is going
pretty well, but I'm not able to repackage the edited files without
blowing up Word... any rel(s), image, or XML file in the package that I
change (other than the document.xml itself) is seen as corrupt by Word
when it tries to open the file. Sure enough, Word is clever enough to
recover the remaining elements, but anything I change gets nuked.

That prevents me from swapping in new images (charts in my case), or
modifying any hyperlinks (which exist in .rel files).

I found that I can open up a .docx file directly in Stuffit Archive
Manager (SAM) (without even having to change the extension), which
eliminates the need to re-zip the .docx files from scratch (which seems
to blow my entire document when I try). Using SAM, I can extract only
the file I choose, edit it, put it back, and the other elements remain

The key problem appears to be the compression technique: the docx isn't
actually a Plain Old Zip (POZ) file, it's actually an Open Packaging
Convention (OPC) file:

Now, if I could only find an OPC creator/manager for the Mac... a GUI
would be great, but a command line would do as well. I seemed to have
found what at first appeared such a tool, but it doesn't seem to do
anything except manage MacPorts:

FYI, Porticus needs MacPorts installed as well:

However, I can't seem to see how Porticus helps me with the OPC file
management... I'm probably on a wild turkey chase with that, but there
might be something there.

I'm guessing that there are Mac developers here more informed than me,
hoping someone can shed light on my OPC requirements.

thanks in advance, folks.