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I tried this and it worked beautifully on my computer, however when I emailed it and had someone test it, it didn't work on their computer...

Now what?

I realize this thread is quite old, but I'm desperate for help and would be incredibly grateful for the help!


Originally Posted by TracyJ View Post
Hey, if you are stilling looking for a solution to this, that isn't 37 pages
long. Try this link. I had the same issue and went to the web site suggested
earlier and wasn't willing mess with all that code. With some help from the
great people at we came up with this solution. It's MUCH

"garfield-n-odie" wrote:

and .

gibbons wrote:

Is there any way to allow for spelling and grammar checks within a protected
document? The document contains a number of form fields but needs the entire
thing protected to prevent users from 'getting creative'. These same users
flunked spelling class!!