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Default Strange - Header Takes over entire page (body)

Beyond paragraph marks and table gridlines (both of which I heartily
endorse) there is a "text boundaries" setting in Word's Display or View
options, and I also find this indispensable. If you have text boundaries
displayed, you'll see table cell boundaries in Print Layout view even if you
don't have table gridlines displayed. You also see the outline of the
document body (making it easy to distinguish between the body and the
header/footer) and an outline of any text boxes (especially handy for
troubleshooting empty text boxes that are causing problems), etc.

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On Jan 27, 12:37 pm, "Suzanne S. Barnhill" wrote:
What you describe is the table handle. If you move the table with that
(sometimes if you just barely touch it), then it results in the table
"wrapped" (floating). Double-click on the table handle to open the Table
Properties dialog (or, if this is Word 2007 or 2010, right-click in the
table and choose Table Properties). On the Table tab, set the text
to None, and you should find that the table behaves much better.

FWIW, I find it vital to display nonprinting characters (paragraph marks,
object anchors, and the like) and also text boundaries (which make it a
clearer whether you're in the header/footer or the document body). Without
these, I would find it much harder to troubleshoot a situation like this.

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On Jan 26, 4:21 pm, "Suzanne S. Barnhill" wrote:

Where are you pasting the table in from? If it was anchored to the
the source, it might be anchored to the header in the target, though I
that would be the case unless you had the header open for editing. Is it
really part of the header (editable only if you open the header pane) or
just floating in the header area?

Suzanne S. Barnhill
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Hi -
I've seen posts on this, but no answer - they all end with "send me a
snippet" but the result isn't posted.

I have a document we're using for invoices. In the header, we have a
field that will have the type of invoice.
The body is a large table, to keep everything neat.

When I put the table in, it mysteriously becomes part of the header.

I've tried a new document, tried without anything in the actual
header, yet as soon as I paste the table in, and view Header/Footer ,
the table is in the header.

HELP!! This is SO very frustrating!
Thanks -
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Thanks, Suzanne. This is interesting.
I can edit the table OUTside of the header - so maybe it is just
floating in the header area (though I don't really know what that
means). When I start (like if I copy and try to make a new document)
the header starts small, but once I copy the table in, it grows. I
didn't create this doc - I am editing it.

I don't know what "anchor" means. But I do see a little "+" that,
though challenging, I can grab and move the entire table.

Does this help unravel the mystery?

thanks -
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Hi Suzanne -

That was it! Text wrapping - who knew! And I always keep my
paragraph marks and my table gridlines showing (which confuses sone
others, but I love it!)

Many many thanks - All is "normal" now.