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Default "logo font" changes when document is reopened...

Hi dtkipper,

"but if it is displayed initially, why doesn't it remain in the doc?" -
you've given the answer yourself: because you don't have the font installed.
See the initial display as a bug - the logo shouldn't be there.

The document should be sent to you with the font (and only the used
characters of it to prevent blowing up the file size) embedded. (see Tools |
Options... | tab Save) to keep the logo displayed.

Good luck,
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"dtkipper" wrote:

Hi all,
I have to complete & return to a document that has been emailed to me.

The header contains a company logo that is actually a font; when I open the
document initially I can see the logo fine, but when I save, close & reopen
the doc, the logo has changed to a greek 'alpha'.

I understand that I don't have the logo font installed and Word will change
it to what it considers the nearest match - but if it is displayed initially,
why doesn't it remain in the doc?

Any help appreciated...