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Default insert unnumbered blank page

As "Henk57" wrote, use an odd page section break; for an existing
section you can change the type of section in File | Page Setup, Layout
tab. Also enable either "Different odd and even" or "Mirror margins" in
File | Page Setup, to ensure that Word correctly adds a filler page as

To take care of the page numbering: In the Format Page Number dialog box
for the newly created section, set the numbering to "Continuous" (as
opposed to "Start at"). To access the dialog box, click the Format Page
Number button on the Header and Footer toolbar.

Stefan Blom
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"cliffhanger314" wrote in message
I want to insert an unnumbered blank page into my Word document in

order to
make my final chapter begin on an odd-numbered page.There would then

be TWO
consecutive unnumbered pages, the second unnumbered because it is the

page of a new chapter (section). Having checked "Different first page"

on the
Layout tab of Page Setup, I was able to achieve two consecutive

pages only by inserting a second consecutive "Section Break (Next

Page)." But
this somehow threw off the page numbering. The first page of the last

suddenly became 57. It had been (correctly) 83. Did I, among other

inadvertently break the connection between sections? Is there a better

for a novice to insert a blank, unnumbered page into a document?