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Thank you for trying to help, but I guess in me saying bullet, I have misled you. I used that word because the symbol looks like a bullet, but only larger.

The numbers you have provided me with are for an actual bullet but not for the symbol I am asking about.

2022 is the Unicode (hex): That's how it's shown in the symbol list in Microsoft Word 2007 and the word Unicode precedes the word hex for most common symbols.

However, for the symbol I am asking about, the word hex is preceded by the word Symbol, since it's the Symbol font that's being used. It is shown like this: Symbol (hex) and 00B7 is shown in the character mode box. Trying what you said does with these values does not work. (with your numbers for the actual bullet, it of course works).

183 is shown in the Character box for Symbol (decimal).

The bottom line: I still need help. If you or anyone can try, I will be very grateful.

P.S. To your last point, I did already know what you mentioned. I only used the word bullet since it's a common symbol, the symbol I am working with looks like a bullet, and also because I figured that would attract more people to the post.

Originally Posted by Venky62 View Post
You have to use the unicode(hex) code and type Alt+x after that. Do this.
1. Open the Find and Replace dialog box. Place your cursor in the Find field.

2. Type 2022 and then press Alt+x. It will change to the bullet symbol.

3. Click Find Next. It should locate the bullet symbol in your text.

Of course, you may be aware that this will not find bulleted lists. The bullets in the bulleted list are virtual characters just as the numbers are in a number list. They are not actual text.